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Packages of options and add-ons
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  • Online Refreshers

    Want to get the most out of your device to best benefit your clients?
    Our Online Refresher options are the perfect solution. 

  • ELP Extended Learning Packages

    Our goal for 2020 is 100% utilization. Our dedicated clinical support team is ready and willing to assist you with all of your...

  • Integrated FreeDome with BiSym Scale

    FreeDome allows the patient to freely rotate in place while remaining securely supported by the LiteGait®; harness.

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Use your LiteGait, Gait Keeper, or HugN-Go to its full potential by pairing it with accessories! Some of our innovative accessories include the Treadriser that allows you to raise the walking surface of your GK1800T or GK200T for improved body mechanics for the therapist, Q-straps that provide adjustable length and elastic hands-free pelvic cueing, and the Anti-Scissoring Bar for the LiteGait that prevents the patient’s lower limbs from crossing over midline during ambulation. You will ensure expanded use of your product with the addition of accessories.

    • Objective measurement provided by the amount of LiteGait support
    • Real-time feedback
    • Export session data
    • Set patient specific goals

  • Released Feb 2015
    • Colorful visual cues
    • Responds to touch of hands or feet
    • Work on motor and cognitive skills in an entertaining way
    • Train balance, coordination and weight bearing/shifting
    • Summer Sale | 6 Pack for $1,499* (and tax if applicable) delivered- valid thru 06/30/2020

    • Allows full rotation
    • Locks in any position
    • Expand therapy options
    • Same supported fall-free enviromnment

    • LiteGait becomes 2" taller
    • Easy to install

    • Adjusts to the vertical displacement of the patient during gait
    • Up to 5 inches of controllable vertical displacement
    • Allows LiteGait-supported patients to run or perform mini-squats

    • Modify amount of support
    • 18" of stroke to allow sit to stand
    • Self contained battery-operated lift

    • Provide cueing/support
    • Attaches to either or both LiteGait legs

    • 3 strength elastic band sets
    • 3 active modules 12", 18" and 21" strides
    • Facilitate foot clearance

    • Padded barrier
    • Adjustable
    • Easy to install

    • Elastic support provides appropriate levels of pelvic cueing
    • Adjustable lengths to accommodate every situation
    • Attaches to all LiteGait and Walkable Systems

  • Released January 2015
    • Easily attaches to all LiteGait or Walkable Systems
    • Holds your 7" - 10" tablet in securely in any viewing angle
    • Ideal for use with either GaitSens or software games during therapy

  • Oxygen Tank Holder
    • Fits standard O2 tanks
    • Attaches to HugN Go & LiteGait® allowing normal operation of your device
    • Easy on & off

  • Overhead Straps
    • Four length-adjustable safety straps designed to attach to LiteGait® yoke & harness. Allows adjustment of loads on each side of the body as well as forward and back

  • FlexiStraps
    • Safe
    • No effort retrofit

    • NEW! Made from a wipable, impermeable breathable, softer material
    • Creates biomechanically-appropriate posture for the patient
    • Provides frontal, sagittal and transverse plane control

    • Innovative ratcheting buckles securely tightens harness around pelvis
    • Ensures proper harness application for difficult patients

    • Pediatric version with plastic buckles for WalkAble
    • Metal buckles for all adult LiteGait® units
    • Available in both standard and impermeable fabric

    • Provides a supportive, partial weight bearing crawling environment

    • Available in 1" for junior harness and 1.5" for all other adult devices

    • 40% longer than standard 3 strap harness height
    • 40% shorter than the standard 3 strap harness height
    • Available in pediatric and adult sizes

    • Extends girth dimensions, ensuring comfortability
    • Do not need to order extra harnesses

    • Can be used to reduce scissoring
    • Useful for patients who cannot tolerate Groin Straps
    • Available in peds and adult sizes

    • Allows you to use your WalkAble harness with larger LiteGait® models

  • Released Feb 2014
    • Objective gait and balance data for the busy clinic
    • Low cost, relevant, easy to use in multiple settings
    • Objective treadmill gait assessment

  • Released Nov 2013
    • Powerful, portable and versatile walking surface
    • Perfect for peds and adult at home or the clinic
    • Easily roll from room to room - bring to the patient
    • 21" W x 40"L Walking Surface (18"W available)
    • Weight: 350 lb Max Patient Weight

  • GKMini Handlebars
    • Secure
    • Height adjustability
    • Easy on & off

    • Height Adjustable For All Ages
    • Width Adjustable For All Body Types
    • Removable - For Use With LiteGait

    • Raise the height of the treadmill for easy lower extremity access
    • Easy on-off
    • Lightweight and stores small

    • 2D L-Shaped
    • 3D Multi-Shaped
    • 2D S-Shaped (parallel bar)

    • Solid, secure support during therapy
    • Patient can hold in front or on sides
    • Adjustable Height

    • Convenient holder to recharge batteries
    • Always have a spare charged battery
    • Fits all Smart Power Battery Systems