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Webinar Recordings for LiteGait Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks 2018 Q4
Presenter(s): Kayli D. Morgan

LiteGait for Medical-Surgical Patients 
Learn some tips for handling this population with LiteGait. Initiate therapy sooner. Lift and hold your patients safely. Help them go longer and further during your therapy...

Tips and Tricks 2018 Q3
Presenter(s): Kayli D. Morgan

LiteGait for Orthopedic Clients
Don't put LiteGait in a box! Though initially created as a means to support highly-involved neuro patients, LiteGait has so many functions and features that are perfect to support and protect your orthopedic clients as well. Come learn some new tips...

Tips and Tricks 2018 Q2
Presenter(s): Kayli D. Morgan

LiteGait in the Pediatric Setting

Tips and Tricks 2018-Q1
Presenter(s): Kayli D. Morgan

LiteGait for Neuro Patients: Problems & Solutions
Getting back to the basics, this session will provide the LiteGait user with tips for productive ways to facilitate improved...

Tips and Tricks 2017-Q4
Presenter(s): Kayli D. Morgan

Taking LiteGait Outside the Box – LiteGait Use in Non-traditional Settings
LiteGait has implications for use far beyond the walls of the rehabilitation arena. See how LiteGait is...

Tips and Tricks 2017-Q3
Presenter(s): Kayli D. Morgan

LiteGait in Outpatient Care -Elevating your Outcomes

Tips and Tricks 2017-Q2
Presenter(s): Kayli D. Morgan

Enhancing Patient Mobility in Acute Care with LiteGaitAcute care clinicians must prioritize their therapy interventions while navigating a long patient problem list. They must...

Tips and Tricks 2017-Q1
Presenter(s): Kayli D. Morgan

Maximizing LiteGait Effectiveness in Inpatient Rehab
Inpatient rehab clinicians often have just a handful of days to make a difference and keep patients progressing in the right direction. These tips will help to optimize your therapy time with them by maximizing LiteGait...

Tips and Tricks 2016 Q4
Presenter(s): Kayli D. Morgan

   "Your Favorite Tips from PT Month: Revisited, Explained, and Expanded"
This session will serve as a wrap up of our Physical Therapy Month "Tip a Day" campaign. We will...

Tips and Tricks 2016-Q3- recording
Presenter(s): Kayli D. Morgan

LiteGait: Top 40 Tips
We'll be counting down our top 40 tips for LiteGait use. A balance of tips will be presented for LiteGait users:  20 tips for LiteGait use with a treadmill and 20 tips for LiteGait therapy overground.


Tips and Tricks: Take a load off with LiteGait
Presenter(s): Kayli D. Morgan

Take a load off...with LiteGait®!
 Effective problem solving to decrease your workload and the patient's workload.  Making the impossible possible. Making difficult tasks easier.


Tips and Tricks: All about the Harness
Presenter(s): Kayli D. Morgan

All About the Harness
Learn harness application technique from start to finish, for both pediatric and adult applications. Gain insight and tips for success and comfort. Dispels common myths about the LiteGait harness, and provides solutions to typical and atypical challenges...

Tips and Tricks: Busting Myths
Presenter(s): Kayli D. Morgan

Busting the Myths: Getting it Right with LiteGait®  Getting the harness right - regardless of anatomical differences. Addressing LiteGait® as a useful intervention for patients of all functional levels Learning to see a treadmill as an...

Tips and Tricks: The LiteGait Challenge
Presenter(s): Kayli D. Morgan

The LiteGait Challenge
Offers something for everyone- whether you are new to LiteGait or a longtime user looking for fresh ideas! Learn about use of LiteGait with one clinician, for pre-gait, adjunct therapies, and for higher functioning patients.


Tips and Tricks: LiteGait & Body Mechanics
Presenter(s): Kayli D. Morgan

LiteGait & Body Mechanics:
Tips on how to protect your patient while preserving your body in the process - Tricks to help maximize the LiteGait session, while minimizing the physical impact on the therapist. Video content included! ​


Tips and Tricks: LiteGait Facilitation-Over ground & Treadmill
Presenter(s): Kayli D. Morgan

LiteGait Facilitation: Over Ground and Over Treadmill.
Facilitation tips for both over ground and treadmill treatment.  Video clips of real patient sessions showing ways to incorporate visual and verbal cues to help improve postural control and overall function ask...


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