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    Upcoming Conferences - Spring 2020
    This spring, Mobility Research is proud to be bringing our expertise and experience...

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    Mobility Research is currently scheduling FREE 1-hour LiteGait Therapy-Clinical Foundation and Demonstrations in the following...

  • Integrated FreeDome with BiSym Scale

    FreeDome allows the patient to freely rotate in place while remaining securely supported by the LiteGait®; harness.

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Webinar Recordings for Clinical Classes

CC1908-It’s Electrifying!
Presenter(s): Susan Hastings

How to Use FES in Children With Cerebral Palsy to Promote Long-Term Motor Learning

CC1911-Predicting Falls in Parkinson: Do we have it backwards
Presenter(s): Valerie A. Carter

Course Description:

Amanda Hall
CC1906-Foot and ankle management for therapeutic gait:
Presenter(s): Amanda Hall

serial casting and bracing considerations
Course Description:

CC1903-Enhancing outcomes in PT, OT and ST with children diagnosed with ASD using the Treadmill-rec
Presenter(s): Mary Pengelley

Pediatric physical, occupational and speech therapists today are seeing a greater proportion of children diagnosed with ASD on their caseloads than they were 10 -15 years ago.  The experiences of a fairly large outpatient pediatric private practice are presented in this webinar, highlighting the...

Stephanie Thomovsky
CC1902-Rehabilitating neurologic dogs
Presenter(s): Stephanie Thomovsky

From the big to the small!
In this 90 minute session we will explore tricks of the trade and how bouncing balls, a lift, booties and harnesses are used to get non-ambulatory dogs...

CC1812-The Skill That Connects Us:
Presenter(s): Mike Studer

PT, OT, SLP: The Latest and Future of Dual Task Testing and Training

CC1808-Pilates & LiteGait Therapy
Presenter(s): Darren Joffs

Improve Outcomes in Balance of Mind and Body

CC1403-Running Post-TBI: Aquatic and Land
Presenter(s): Gabriele Moriello

There are currently 5.3 million Americans living with disability due to a traumatic brain injury. Many of these people have had to quit former sporting activities since they have difficulties running. Patients are often discharged from therapy when they are able to walk and complete ADLs independently...

Petra Williams
CC1611-A Stroke is not a Stroke is not a Stroke
Presenter(s): Petra Williams, Valerie A. Carter

Treatment concepts to address subcortical tissue damage

CC1710-Functional gluteal strengthening: Close the book on the clamshell!
Presenter(s): Mike Studer

This brief course is intended to be a lighthearted jab at the catch-all prescription of clamshell exercises to address gluteal weakness. The instructor will provide an evidence-based AND empirically-based presentation on the topic of gluteal strengthening. While we all know when we see gluteal weakness,...

CC1508-Determining Fall Risk: Evidence-Based Outcome Measures
Presenter(s): Susan Ostertag

This webinar will identify and describe a number of validated, evidence-based outcome measures...

CC1704-Neuro-Developmental Treatment and Body Weight Support
Presenter(s): Sean Gallivan

Partners in Retraining Movement

CC1708- Braking Bad: Eccentric control for walking and mobility
Presenter(s): Nechama Karman

Eccentric muscle contractions are the brakes of the human movement system. The speaker will present novel ideas on the role of eccentrics in walking and other motor tasks. In the normal gait pattern, the majority of muscle contractions are eccentric, yielding remarkable efficiency: harnessing momentum...

CC1711-Implementing high-quality upper extremity rehab in stroke survivors:
Presenter(s): Tony Szturm

Home therapy via tele rehab

CC1704-Neuro-Developmental Treatment and Body Weight Support
Presenter(s): Sean Gallivan

Partners in Retraining Movement


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