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Webinar Recordings for Pediatric

Case Report 2019-08
Presenter(s): Yocheved Bensinger-Brody

Back On Track:  Implementation of a multi-system approach to re-start developmental progress in a young child with DS post remission from Leukemia: A Case Report.

Are deficits in visual-perceptual attention driving the motor deficits in Developmental Coordination Disorder?
Presenter(s): Yocheved Bensinger-Brody

In this 90 minute seminar we will discuss the current understanding about the relationship between visual-perceptual attention and motor function in healthy and impaired populations. Dual-task research supporting the assertion that deficits in visual-perceptual attention are closely coupled with motor deficits in Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD) will be...

Journal Club 2016 Q2 - Recording
Presenter(s): Nechama Karman

Tirgueiro LCL, Gama GL, Simao CR, Sousa SVC, Godeiro Junior CO, Lindquist AR. (2015).  Effects of treadmill training with load on gait in Parkinson Disease. A randomized controlled clinical trial. Am J Phys Med Rehabil, 94(10):830-7.

Journal Club 2016 Q1 - Recording
Presenter(s): Leah Lowe

Lowe, Leah, Amy Gross McMillan, and Charlotte Yates
Body Weight Support Treadmill Training for Children With
Developmental Delay Who Are Ambulatory.
Pediatric physical therapy: the official publication of the Section on Pediatrics of the American Physical Therapy Association 27.4 (2015): 386.

Gait Training in Cerebral Palsy
Presenter(s): Roberta O'Shea

Interventions and Outcomes. Typically developing children practice walking 50% of waking hours while becoming independent ambulators.  Children with cerebral palsy have much less opportunity to practice.  Studies of effective motor interventions favor intensity of training as the single most important factor in motor learning.  It is not surprising then, that children with CP do not develop...

Instrumented Gait Analysis - Recording
Presenter(s): Amy Winter Bodkin

Course Description: The purpose of this webinar is to introduce participants to instrumented gait analysis (IGA). IGA can provide detailed information about complex gait patterns that are difficult to describe. Kinematics, kinetics, dynamic EMG, plantar pressures, temporal-distance measures and oxygen consumption will be presented and analyzed. Suggestions for appropriate referrals for IGA and...

Treadmill for Students with Autism & Apraxia Protocol - Part II Recording
Presenter(s): Debra Widmer-Reyes

TAAP Part II (Treadmill for students with Autism and Apraxia Protocol) In the process of development, as it integrates through years of organized education, children with special needs display a gap in performance when compared to their typical peers. TAAP was designed, performed and researched with the...

Treadmill for Students with Autism & Apraxia Protocol - Part I Recording
Presenter(s): Debra Widmer-Reyes

TAAP (Treadmill for students with Autism and Apraxia Protocol)
In the process of development, as it integrates through years of organized education, children with special needs display a gap in performance when compared to their typical peers. TAAP was designed, performed and...

Case Studies 2014 Q4 - Recording
Presenter(s): Kay Wing, Leah Lowe, Urvashi Patel

What they did. What they got. What would you have done?
An hour long discussion as three clinicians present clinical cases of varied patient scenarios using LiteGait. Specific cases will relate to patient diagnoses or to a specific targeted outcome. Each therapist will present an individual patient.

Fran Guardo
Pediatric Orthopedic Deformity & Adv. Treatment - Recording
Presenter(s): Fran Guardo

This course will present a variety of pediatric orthopedic congenital and developmental delay. Common and advanced surgical and therapeutic treatment options will be discussed. Limb lengthening techniques using external fixation and the internal precise nail will be presented with Radiologic case reviews. Basic concepts of rehabilitation techniques for the limb lengthening and deformity...

What Works: Eliciting an energy-efficient gait pattern in the neurologically impaired population
Presenter(s): Nechama Karman

The normal gait pattern is remarkably efficient, harnessing momentum and ground reaction forces to minimize the energy cost of walking. Following neurological injury, various movement impairments impede the ability to implement this pattern, leading to a decrease in walking, functional performance and participation. In this webinar we will identify how these impairments impede gait ability and...

What Makes the Hemispherectomy Child Different
Presenter(s): Nisha Pagan, Stella DeBode

We will describe cross sectional and longitudinal data of a group of chronic patients 6-15 years after surgery, clinical presentations and treatment options grounded in the underlying neuroanatomy together with specific challenges of this population.


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