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Webinar Recordings for Adult

CC2005-Transcutaneous Spinal Cord Stimulation and Activity-Based Therapy
Presenter(s): Brooke Meyer

There are various activity-based strategies used to promote recovery following spinal cord injury (SCI) through activation of sensorimotor pathways and spinal locomotor circuitry. There is a need for additional neuro-augmentative strategies to supplement these interventions, such as spinal cord...

CC1808-Pilates & LiteGait Therapy
Presenter(s): Darren Joffs

Improve Outcomes in Balance of Mind and Body

CC1403-Running Post-TBI: Aquatic and Land
Presenter(s): Gabriele Moriello

There are currently 5.3 million Americans living with disability due to a traumatic brain injury. Many of these people have had to quit former sporting activities since they have difficulties running. Patients are often discharged from therapy when they are able to walk and complete ADLs independently...

CC1508-Determining Fall Risk: Evidence-Based Outcome Measures
Presenter(s): Susan Ostertag

This webinar will identify and describe a number of validated, evidence-based outcome measures...

CR1607-Case Report
Presenter(s): Ariana Seif

Hard work pays off for patient with dense hemiplegia post CVA​
Exceptional outcomes during a 4 week inpatient Rehab stay with a patient 1 month post severe stroke. Treatment interventions included BWSTT with LiteGait. Tune in for the webinar to hear how we made the transition from treadmill training with BWS to functional gait overground. ...

CR1605-Case Reports
Presenter(s): Rebecca Lindemann

Chronic TBI: what body weight supported treadmill training accomplished 10 years post-injury. This case study examines the use of LiteGait in a BWSTT protocol for fall risk reduction in a geriatric client with a 20 year history of TBI resulting in L hemiplegia.  The purpose of the case study is to illustrate how, despite the chronic nature of her...

CC1603-2-Dual-Task Assessment, Integration of Balance, Gaze, Mobility, and Cognition
Presenter(s): Tony Szturm

Applications for Aging and Neurological Populations Course Description For older adults, community ambulation is strongly associated with the preservation of skills for independent living, community participation and healthy aging (i.e. physical activity). Walking out doors in the community involves the continuous integration of visual, tactile and vestibular...

CC1512-2-Individualizing the balance prescription Recording
Presenter(s): Mike Studer

How much is enough? Too much? Course Description: This presentation will include practical clinical applications of the latest evidence in the rehabilitation of geriatric patients with imbalance and dizziness. Participants completing this course will be ready to recognize the common causes, individualize their care (exam and treatment), and set appropriate goals. We will reveal how to...

Beth Fischer, PhD, PT
CC1510-Exercise-Induced Neuroplasticity in Parkinson's Disease-Recording
Presenter(s): Beth Fischer

The brain’s capacity for recovery from damage is far greater than previously recognized.  It is now understood that neuroplasticity can be facilitated through experience including environmental enrichment, exercise, forced-use, and complex skills training.  Most of our understanding of this recovery, termed experience-dependent plasticity, is derived from animal models of stroke and spinal...

CC1509-2-Chronic Stroke Rehabilitation
Presenter(s): Mike Studer

Implementing high intensity interval training to induce functional improvement + recent clinical advancements. This course will reveal a novel and intense clinical approach built specifically for persons that are 6 months or more in recovery post cerebrovascular accident (CVA).This approach includes Interventions that are designed and built directly from evidence and are adapted with...

CC1509-Parkinson's Disease: One size DOES NOT fit all
Presenter(s): Mike Studer

Treatment strategies specific to subtype Physical Therapy treatment for Parkinson’s Disease is often oversimplified and defined by one or two global approaches. This course will further the discussion of the various subtypes of Parkinson’s Disease and begin to ascribe treatment strategies specific to each. We will address the primary symptoms in PD and suggest a classification paradigm for...

CR15Q3-Case Report
Presenter(s): Eva Michel, Mallory Kargela, Monica Idestein

Intensive Neuro Therapy presented by Swan RehabNeuro Physical Therapists,
 Eva Michel, DPTMonica Idstein, PT, DPT and ...


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