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Webinar Recordings for General Neuro

CC1808-Pilates & LiteGait Therapy
Presenter(s): Darren Joffs

Improve Outcomes in Balance of Mind and Body

CC1508-Determining Fall Risk: Evidence-Based Outcome Measures
Presenter(s): Susan Ostertag

This webinar will identify and describe a number of validated, evidence-based outcome measures...

CC1603-2-Dual-Task Assessment, Integration of Balance, Gaze, Mobility, and Cognition
Presenter(s): Tony Szturm

Applications for Aging and Neurological Populations Course Description For older adults, community ambulation is strongly associated with the preservation of skills for independent living, community participation and healthy aging (i.e. physical activity). Walking out doors in the community involves the continuous integration of visual, tactile and vestibular...

CC1512-2-Individualizing the balance prescription Recording
Presenter(s): Mike Studer

How much is enough? Too much? Course Description: This presentation will include practical clinical applications of the latest evidence in the rehabilitation of geriatric patients with imbalance and dizziness. Participants completing this course will be ready to recognize the common causes, individualize their care (exam and treatment), and set appropriate goals. We will reveal how to...

CC1511-Instrumented Gait Analysis - Recording
Presenter(s): Amy Winter Bodkin

Course Description: The purpose of this webinar is to introduce participants to instrumented gait analysis (IGA). IGA can provide detailed information about complex gait patterns that are difficult to describe. Kinematics, kinetics, dynamic EMG, plantar pressures, temporal-distance measures and oxygen consumption will be presented and analyzed. Suggestions for appropriate referrals for IGA and...

CR15Q3-Case Report
Presenter(s): Eva Michel, Mallory Kargela, Monica Idestein

Intensive Neuro Therapy presented by Swan RehabNeuro Physical Therapists,
 Eva Michel, DPTMonica Idstein, PT, DPT and ...

Pamela Bosch
CC1507-Dosing exercise after stroke- Recording
Presenter(s): Pamela Rogers Bosch

Accomplishing aerobic training effects in people with walking impairments. This webinar will review the physiological benefits of aerobic exercise that translate to improved activity and participation for individuals. Current evidence in support of high intensity interval training after stroke will be presented.  Principles of exercise testing and prescription will be...

CC1506-Geriatric Therapy: Improved intensity- Recording
Presenter(s): Darren Joffs

What to watch for, and what myths abound Focusing on the challenges involved with 50+ year old patients can be daunting for some therapists because of the multiple systems that can be involved. Others treat them with kid gloves, as if they were so fragile, a simple Grade III mobilization would shatter a bone.

CC1505-Activity-Dependent Plasticity in the Spinal Cord - Recording
Presenter(s): Jonathan R. Wolpaw

At the end of the session, the participants should be able to:
1. Describe the recent recognition of the spinal cord's capacity for activity-dependent plasticity.
2. Explain the important scientific implications of this recognition.
3. Discuss the new therapeutic possibilities that have been introduced by the recognition and exploration of...

CC1503-2-Walking Speed: The 6th Vital Sign - Recording
Presenter(s): Kay Wing

Physical therapists frequently hear our patients  voice that “being able to walk again” is what they hope that physical therapy intervention will help them to achieve.  While much of physical therapy intervention focuses on improving this important functional skill, our assessments do not always reflect a key component of this important task:  velocity.  Self-selected walking speed is a...

Fran Guardo
CC1411-2-Pediatric Orthopedic Deformity & Adv. Treatment - Recording
Presenter(s): Fran Guardo

This course will present a variety of pediatric orthopedic congenital and developmental delay. Common and advanced surgical and therapeutic treatment options will be discussed. Limb lengthening techniques using external fixation and the internal precise nail will be presented with Radiologic case reviews. Basic concepts of rehabilitation techniques for the limb lengthening and deformity...

CC1411-Vestibular Rehabilitation and Gait - Recording
Presenter(s): Keith Khoo

No matter where you practice you are likely to encounter patients with symptoms of dizziness and imbalance. Their symptoms may be from a known cause like a sinus infection or whiplash from a motor vehicular accident or can be part of a more complex and chronic condition that has led to a central sensory processing disorder. Balance is the ability to stand, and gait is rhythmic stepping...

CC1409-Advancing our understanding and influence on the swing phase of gait
Presenter(s): Mike Studer

This course will be an exploration of the biomechanics underlying compensatory efforts in the swing phase of gait. We will investigate the various strategies and mechanisms for increasing efficiency that are available based on current research and clinical experience. Attendees will be presented with evidence-based management that is translated into and expanded on with videotape case examples...

CC1408NK-What Works: Eliciting an energy-efficient gait pattern in the neurologically impaired population
Presenter(s): Nechama Karman

The normal gait pattern is remarkably efficient, harnessing momentum and ground reaction forces to minimize the energy cost of walking. Following neurological injury, various movement impairments impede the ability to implement this pattern, leading to a decrease in walking, functional performance and participation. In this webinar we will identify how these impairments impede gait ability and...


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