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Webinar Recordings for CVA

TT19Q3-Tips & Tricks
Presenter(s): Kayli Morgan

LiteGait for Stroke Recovery: Tried and True Methods for Improving Mobility after CVA

CR1607-Case Report
Presenter(s): Ariana Seif

Hard work pays off for patient with dense hemiplegia post CVA​
Exceptional outcomes during a 4 week inpatient Rehab stay with a patient 1 month post severe stroke. Treatment interventions included BWSTT with LiteGait. Tune in for the webinar to hear how we made the transition from treadmill training with BWS to functional gait overground. ...

CC1509-2-Chronic Stroke Rehabilitation
Presenter(s): Mike Studer

Implementing high intensity interval training to induce functional improvement + recent clinical advancements. This course will reveal a novel and intense clinical approach built specifically for persons that are 6 months or more in recovery post cerebrovascular accident (CVA).This approach includes Interventions that are designed and built directly from evidence and are adapted with...

Pamela Bosch
CC1507-Dosing exercise after stroke- Recording
Presenter(s): Pamela Rogers Bosch

Accomplishing aerobic training effects in people with walking impairments. This webinar will review the physiological benefits of aerobic exercise that translate to improved activity and participation for individuals. Current evidence in support of high intensity interval training after stroke will be presented.  Principles of exercise testing and prescription will be...

CC1305-Stroke of Creativity
Presenter(s): J.J. Mowder-Tinney

People with neurological injuries require challenging activities with many repetitions to promote functional improvement. As the amount of time allowed to be spent with each patient continues to decrease it is critical to find new and functional ways to promote neuroplasticity. In addition, being able to adjust tasks to maintain a patients motivation requires a multitude of creative yet easy...

CC1409-Advancing our understanding and influence on the swing phase of gait
Presenter(s): Mike Studer

This course will be an exploration of the biomechanics underlying compensatory efforts in the swing phase of gait. We will investigate the various strategies and mechanisms for increasing efficiency that are available based on current research and clinical experience. Attendees will be presented with evidence-based management that is translated into and expanded on with videotape case examples...

Nechama Karman is the current host and presenter of our 'Journal Club' Webinars.
JC13Q4-Journal Club
Presenter(s): JC Webinar Host

Walking during body-weight supported treadmill training and acute responses to varying walking speeds and body-weight support in ambulatory patients post-stroke.
Aaslund MK, Helbostad JL, Moe-Nilssen R. (2013).
Physiother Theory Pract 29(4):278-89

CC1310-Pusher Syndrome Evaluation and Treatment Techniques
Presenter(s): Geoff Mosley

The purpose of this course is to familiarize the learner with modern definitions and identifying features of contraversive pushing, as well as instill an understanding of the principles of treatment for this disorder. 

Review the history, research findings, and terminology of Pusher Syndrome.

  • Definition of Pusher...
Nechama Karman is the current host and presenter of our 'Journal Club' Webinars.
JC13Q3- Journal Club
Presenter(s): JC Webinar Host

Bilateral coordination and gait symmetry after body-weight supported treadmill training for persons with chronic stroke.
Combs SA, Dugan EL, Ozimek EN, Curtis AB (2013).
Clin Biomech Apr;28(4):448-53
Summary by Nechama Karman, PT, MS, PCS

Nechama Karman is the current host and presenter of our 'Journal Club' Webinars.
JC13Q2-Journal Club
Presenter(s): JC Webinar Host

Excellent outcomes for adults who experienced early standardized treadmill training during acute phase of recovery from stroke: A case series.
McCain KJ, Smith, PA, Polo FE, Coleman SC, Baker S. (2011).
Top Stroke Rehab. 18(4):428-36.
Summary by Nechama Karman, PT, MS, PCS

CC1305PS-Pediatric Stroke Children are Not Small Adults
Presenter(s): Hemda Rotem

This webinar will present the physical therapy perspective of the evaluation procedures, treatment strategies and innovative techniques in the rehabilitation of a child post-stroke - from the emergency room to community.

CC1303NK-Speed & Spasticity in Cerebral Palsy - More Linked Than You Think
Presenter(s): Nechama Karman

In this 90 minute webinar we will examine the interaction between spasticity, motor strategy and biomechanics as they apply to gait in children with cerebral palsy. We will discuss how to have an impact on these via the manipulation of gait training parameters in the treatment of children. We will review use of BWS to accomplish specific targeted outcomes.
At the conclusion of this...

CC1208-Stroke: Making Every Neuron Count
Presenter(s): Mike Studer

Learn how to measure, challenge and PROVE your results in patients with
hemiplegia. Participants will learn how to apply research to their clinical practice, resulting in higher levels of challenge and improvement: INTENSITY.

Nechama Karman is the current host and presenter of our 'Journal Club' Webinars.
JC12Q2-Journal Club
Presenter(s): JC Webinar Host

Gait parameters associated with responsiveness to treadmill training with body weight support after stroke: An exploratory study.
Physical Therapy 90(2)209-223. (2010)
Mulroy SJ, Klassen T, Gronley JK, Eberly VJ, Brown, DA and Sullivan, KJ
Summary by Nechama Karman, PT, MS, PCS
Full-Text of article: http://ptjournal....

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