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  • Upcoming Conferences

    Upcoming Conferences - Spring 2020
    This spring, Mobility Research is proud to be bringing our expertise and experience...

  • LiteGait Is Coming To Your Area

    Mobility Research is currently scheduling FREE 1-hour LiteGait Therapy-Clinical Foundation and Demonstrations in the following...

  • Integrated FreeDome with BiSym Scale

    FreeDome allows the patient to freely rotate in place while remaining securely supported by the LiteGait®; harness.

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Home User Contact Form

If you are a home user, please complete and submit this form to help us provide you with superior clinical support.  This will ensure you get off to a good start with LiteGait. Upon receipt of this information, we will send you our “Welcome Package” which includes our suggested protocol booklet, LiteGait images CD, clinical tips & discount coupons for our CEU Seminars.

We Stay In Touch so You Stay Informed

By providing this information, we will be able to provide you with:
♦ Recall information ♦ Clinical Support ♦ Technical Support ♦ E-Newsletter ♦ Maintenance tips ♦ Educational opportunities (Seminars & Online Webinars)  ♦ Onsite training opportunities ♦ Product & accessory updates ♦ and More

Please take a few minutes to take note of the following resources you have to obtain additional clinical information & support.

  • Email us at the Clinical Support Department:
  • Chat with other users at the LiteGait User Forum.  The Forum is free to join and offers clinical discussions with clinicians using LiteGait all around the globe.
  • Join us on Facebook. We regularly  post LiteGait customer video clips & questions and answers, with lots of helpful hints.

We look forward to serving you and hope you enjoy many successes using the LiteGait system.

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