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  2015  VOL 9  Issue 01
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Mobility Research

Our sincerest wishes
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LiteGait® was first drawn on a napkin at a restaurant in Phoenix, Arizona in 1991. Two years later Mobility Research was formed to commercialize what the founders of our company saw as a tool to revolutionize gait therapy. Now, in its 22nd year, LiteGait® has proven to be that and so much more. Considered the standard in gait recovery, thousands are in use throughout the world today.

We began the journey with LiteGait® and grew to include WalkAble, GaitKeeper Treadmill, GKMini, HugN-Go, GaitSens gait analysis, and countless LiteGait® add-ons - all through ideas and feedback from our LiteGaitģ family of users. Come see us at CSM Booth #1809 or read our new product section for our latest releases! Our way of giving back is through our commitment to quality educational programs we provide to our LiteGaitģ customers.

Journal Club is part of this commitment. We make it easy for rehab professionals to stay current with recent & relevant research that affects clinical care. Join us quarterly for a discussion among your peers. It's easy & free - Read the summary of our featured article:
The interacting effect of cognitive and motor task demands on performance of gait, balance and cognition in young adults. Szturm T, Maharjan P, Marotta JJ, Shay B, Shrestha S, Sakhalkar V, (2013).
then join us for the discussion on January 22nd.

The MR Institute of Continuing Education Team

Journal Club Featured Article

The interacting effect of cognitive and motor task demands on performance of gait, balance and cognition in young adults.
Szturm T, Maharjan P, Marotta JJ, Shay B, Shrestha S, Sakhalkar V, (2013). Gait & Posture 38(4):596-602.
Introduction by Nechama Karman, PT, MS, PCS
Executive cognitive functioning is a key factor in locomotor control: deficits are associated with increased falls risk. Dual-task (DT) performance results in a decrease in walking speed, however studies of DT usually do not include the visuomotor system or multiple brain areas, key for balance and locomotion.
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Research Summary

A sample of 20 healthy young adults (20-30 years, mean 26.3+3.2y) participated in this study. Subjects with past neurological impairment, musculoskeletal disorders, and those taking medications that might affect their walking were excluded.
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Journal Club Discussion

The interacting effect of cognitive and motor task demands on performance of gait, balance and cognition in young adults.
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Walking Speed 6th Vital Sign
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User's Corner

Better quality and quantity is what we get using LiteGait, and I am very happy to be able to say it is one of my most used tools!
As a new grad in the world of physical therapy every tool in my toolbox is important. As a new grad in the world of neuro rehab, the LiteGait partial weight bearing system is one of the most important tools I have now. From my clinical experiences in various settings to my current work in inpatient neuro rehab, it has allowed me to maximize my treatment sessions and provide the best care for my patients. LiteGait provides an environment unlike any other, giving the patient reassurance in the form of support and me, as the therapist, freedom to use my hands and body at places other than the gait belt. Now that I am using LiteGait for gait training on a regular basis, it is evident how much more practice the patient can have with ambulation prior to discharge. Not only more practice, but practice walking that is, with my cueing and guidance, of much improved gait mechanics than the patients would other wise achieve overground without postural support. Seen in the picture is patient AS (90+ year old) who has been using LiteGait for standing practice and gait training over the past week, but has been hospitalized for much longer.

LiteGait gives AS the ability to stand with better posture and less manual support than the 3-person assist it takes to stand in the parallel bars. ASís daughter is present for every PT session and states that the day he started with training in the LiteGait she noticed a big change in her fatherís personality, closer to normal. It is changes like these that makes the biggest difference!
-Ariana S, PT Phoenix, AZ

Meet the Trainer

Meet Lindsay Conn, PT, DPT, NCS
Lindsay Conn

Lindsay's Bio
MR: Why/How did you choose to become a LiteGait Trainer?
Lindsay: I really value the LiteGait as a treatment tool, and wanted to share that knowledge and resource with others. I've seen some clinics where the LiteGait is poorly understood and underutilized, and I wanted to help to change that because I believe it is such a valuable resource.

MR: What's your first memory of (something related to the LiteGait)?
Lindsay: : I had a professor in PT school who has done a lot of research on BWSTT using the LiteGait. As a student, I had a lot of hands on experience with using the LiteGait both in school and on clinical experiences.

Interview continued

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Upcoming Events

Mobility Research is currently scheduling Free educational inservice demonstrations throughout the U.S.
Please call 800-332-9255 to schedule an appointment, or click to submit a request.

Visit our website for upcoming CEU course seminars and webinars

Visit us at:
CSM- Booth #1809
Indianapolis, IN
February 5-7, 2015


Check us out - Booth #1809
at the Combined Sections meeting (CSM)
in Indianapolis Feb 4-7th 2015

NEW This Year!
  • We are proud to unveil a unique new therapy device that provides an interactive motivating environment for patients to obtain active and passive range of motion of lower extremities. You can select specifically designed computer games that train different muscle groups, and the system can be adjusted to meet the userís specific cognitive and physical level of function. Brought to you exclusively by LiteGait®, this device will change the way you provide therapy forever...
  • Last year at the Las Vegas CSM we introduced our instrumented Gait Analysis treadmill, GaitSens 2000, and received a tremendous response. Based upon your feedback, this year we will introduce significant enhancements to GaitSens 2000 software that help your patient focus on and work on specific gait deficits while the software provides real time audible and visual indicators to the patient. These software enhancements are a free upgrade if you have already purchased this system.
  • Many of our customers who work in Pediatric facilities have asked for a single LiteGait® that can adjust for the smallest of their patients up to large teenagers. We heard your requests; the new spring assisted yoke on the LGI200P can be easily adjusted with only one hand for pediatric patients all the way to a 6ft tall, 200 lb teenager standing on a treadmill.

We even have more! Come to our booth #1809 at the CSM in Indianapolis this year to see these innovations and more from LiteGait®.

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