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Webinar Recordings for Clinical Classes

Implementing high-quality upper extremity rehab in stroke survivors:
Presenter(s): Tony Szturm

Home therapy via tele rehab

Functional gluteal strengthening: Close the book on the clamshell!
Presenter(s): Mike Studer

This brief course is intended to be a lighthearted jab at the catch-all prescription of clamshell exercises to address gluteal weakness. The instructor will provide an evidence-based AND empirically-based presentation on the topic of gluteal strengthening. While we all know when we see gluteal weakness,...

Braking Bad: Eccentric control for walking and mobility
Presenter(s): Nechama Karman

Eccentric muscle contractions are the brakes of the human movement system. The speaker will present novel ideas on the role of eccentrics in walking and other motor tasks. In the normal gait pattern, the majority of muscle contractions are eccentric, yielding remarkable efficiency: harnessing momentum...

Overcoming Barriers to Best Practice - Neurogaming for Children with CP
Presenter(s): Tony Szturm

Upper extremity game-based telerehab in children with Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Neuro-Developmental Treatment and Body Weight Support
Presenter(s): Sean Gallivan

Partners in Retraining Movement

Mike Studer Marathon
Presenter(s): Mike Studer
The Best of Mike Studer PT, MHS, NCS, CEEAA,
a 9 Hour Learning Marathon.


Beth Fischer, PhD, PT
The Role of Movement Analysis in Clinical Decision Making
Presenter(s): Beth Fischer

MOVEMENT ANALYSIS is the defining skill of the Physical Therapist. Movement Analysis is one of the most important assessment tools because of the insight it provides in terms of the patient’s movement problems as well as how to intervene. Importantly, it enables the PT to treat the...

A Stroke is not a Stroke is not a Stroke
Presenter(s): V.Carter & P. Williams

Treatment concepts to address subcortical tissue damage

Technological advances in gait analysis and treatment for the neurological clinic
Presenter(s): Mike Studer

This course is intended to inform clinicians at all levels of experience about some of the most recent technological yet clinically-affordable advances in gait assessment and training. We will additionally discuss: the most common "neurological gait" patterns to understand the underlying evidence-based...

Facilitating Recovery in Severe Stroke
Presenter(s): Mike Studer

The Upper and Lower Extremity Course

Games for Health:
Presenter(s): Lise Worthen-Chaudhari

Interactive NeuroRehabilitation Therapy

Aquatic therapy across the lifespan for people with neurologic conditions
Presenter(s): Beth Ennis
This webinar will discuss the use of Aquatics as a modality for treatment in patients with a variety of neurological conditions.  We will discuss the impact aquatic use can have on body structures and functions, and how it can help increase activity and participation in this population. ...
Juggle While You Walk: add DT to your GT-Recording
Presenter(s): Nechama Karman
Attend the Class - Take the Post Test
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Course Description:...

The "How" and the "Why" when using body weight support in a treadmill environment.
Presenter(s): Susan Ostertag

Through the use of published evidence and clinical experience this webinar will provide information to assist clinicians with making decisions about the use of body weight support for patients with neurological involvement as well as describing and demonstrating strategies to use when providing assist and training. Emphasis will be on use of body weight support in...

Yocheved Bensinger-Brody
Are deficits in visual-perceptual attention driving the motor deficits in Developmental Coordination Disorder?
Presenter(s): Yocheved Bensinger-Brody

In this 90 minute seminar we will discuss the current understanding about the relationship between visual-perceptual attention and motor function in healthy and impaired populations. Dual-task research supporting the assertion that deficits in visual-perceptual attention are closely coupled with motor deficits in Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD) will be...

The Concussion Discussion - Recording
Presenter(s): Terry Leahy

Essentials for Physical Therapists. Concussion is a prevalent injury, sustained by people of all ages and activity levels, that requires prompt recognition and appropriate management for optimal recovery.  By definition, a singular concussion produces only transient effects.  However there is evidence that repeated injury results in prolonged or permanent impairments.  Some individuals present...


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