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Webinar Recordings for Case Reports

Case Report 2017-08
Presenter(s): Leah Lowe

Body Weight Support Treadmill Training In A Child With CP and Visual Impairment

Case Report 2017-07
Presenter(s): Mary Pengelley

Treadmill Training and ASD
Take-Home Points for Therapists and Families

Case Report 2017-06
Presenter(s): Ariana Seif

Treadmill Training with a Twist: Challenging neuro patients in all directions

Case Report 2017-05
Presenter(s): Gavin Tonkin

A Glimpse Towards the Future of SCI Rehabilitation: Gait Training with Epidural Spinal Cord Stimulation
A brief look into epidural spinal cord stimulation and its role as the potential future of SCI rehabilitation. We will discuss a gait training session for an individual with the...

Case Report 2017-04
Presenter(s): Jamie Nesbit

Use of GaitSens to Provide Spatiotemporal Feedback in an Individual with Neuropathy 
This case will discuss use of BWSTT with spatiotemporal feedback via Gait Sens as a useful intervention in skilled PT to improve balance and mobility in an individual with neuropathy. This webinar...

Case Reports 2017-03
Presenter(s): Nicole M. Warner

From KAFO to NO FO: forced use at its finest

CEU Info

Case Reports 2017-02
Presenter(s): Lynette Olwig

How to enhance the mobility of a patient who presents with AKA and co-morbidities.

Case Report 2017 01
Presenter(s): Darren Joffs

Geriatric Rehab - What is Possible 20 Years Post Stroke
Tackling therapy for a new patient that is a 20+ years stroke survivor. Can one expect any neurological changes? Here is what happened to "Sue"...


Case Report 2016 09-Recording
Presenter(s): Cassie Vano

Severe TBI with severed carotid resulting in brainstem CVA: not progressing. How introducing the LiteGait jump started this patient's progress.


Case Report 2016-07 recording
Presenter(s): Ariana Seif

Hard work pays off for patient with dense hemiplegia post CVA​
Exceptional outcomes during a 4 week inpatient Rehab stay with a patient 1 month post severe stroke. Treatment interventions included BWSTT with LiteGait. Tune in for the webinar to hear how we made the transition from treadmill training with BWS to functional gait overground. ...

Case Reports 2016-05 Recording
Presenter(s): Rebecca Lindemann

Chronic TBI: what body weight supported treadmill training accomplished 10 years post-injury. This case study examines the use of LiteGait in a BWSTT protocol for fall risk reduction in a geriatric client with a 20 year history of TBI resulting in L hemiplegia.  The purpose of the case study is to illustrate how, despite the chronic nature of her...

Case Report 2016-03 Recording
Presenter(s): Ariana Seif

Outcomes after 3 week rehab stay for adult male patient with TBI  Ariana Seif, PT, DPT discusses the progression & outcomes of an adult patient with TBI through a 3 week stay in rehab. From day 1 to discharge.

Case Reports 2016-02 Recording
Presenter(s): Nechama Karman
Neurogaming problem-solving in adult hemiplegia: acute rehab post-stroke in a 65 year old man. Clinician present a clinical case of a patient's course of treatment with LiteGait. Specific cases will relate to patient diagnoses or to a specific targeted outcome. This segment features an individual patient case followed by Q&A.
Case Reports 2016-01 Recording
Presenter(s): Darren Joffs

Intervention with a senior who has poor posture, unilateral genu valgum and excessive foot pronation causing poor balance and quality of walking. 94 yo female admitted to the hospital with bradycardia and significant decline in physical ability to walk and transfer. Presents with flexed posture and forward head along with lateral sway due to weak...

Case Studies 2015 Q4 - Recording
Presenter(s): CR Webinar Host

What they did. What they got. What would you have done?
An hour long discussion as three clinicians present clinical cases of varied patient scenarios using LiteGait. Specific cases will relate to patient diagnoses or to a specific targeted outcome. 
Each therapist will present an individual patient:
Paula Cox - PT, DSc, PCS ...

Case Studies 2015 Q3 - Recording
Presenter(s): Eva Michel, Mallory Kargela, Monica Idestein

Intensive Neuro Therapy presented by Swan RehabNeuro Physical Therapists, Eva Michel, DPTMonica Idstein, PT, DPT and ...


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